5 uses of dish soap that don’t involve washing dishes

We all know that dish soap is used to clean the dishes, it is one of the most used products in the household and  the dishes are covered with greasy stuff that keeps on clinging to it if not cleaned properly at that time the dish soap comes into use and it helps in removing all the grease off the dishes with ease and in no time.

House Cleaning Woodbridge has some other ways that you can utilise your dish soap other than just washing dishes. 

1. Laundry 

When house cleaning, there are many times that we face when our clothes are covered with oily stains, which are nearly impossible to take out with the detergent, at that time the dish  wash detergent comes to the rescue. Yes , you heard it right, the dish soap is able to take out grease off the clothes with ease. It works well with fabric that is soft too. During house cleaning, all you need to do is either submerge the fabric in the bucket filled with dish soap diluted with water or you can pour some directly onto the cloth and then scrub, wash under the hottest temperature of water that your cloth can handle. 

2. Cleaning air conditioner filters

When house cleaning, the cleaning of the air conditioner filters is one of the most hectic work, as the filters are filled with dirt which makes it hard when cleaning. During house cleaning, you can soak the foam or metal mesh filters in a warm water bath mixed with dish soap, then gently scrub the filter using a toothbrush, then wash and dry as you would normally. 

3. Washing window blinds

When house cleaning, the most hectic cleaning is the cleaning of the window blinds, especially the metal ones, we have to take them down and then clean them one by one. During house cleaning an alternate solution to cleaning the blinds is by dipping in a solution of dish soap and water. This will wash off the dust from the blinds and will give you clean blinds without investing much time and effort.  

4. Cleaning glass

When house cleaning, the most difficult task to perform is cleaning the windows. We really never know what product to use to clean up the windows with ease and truly no one is willing to invest a lot of money in just buying a window cleaner. You can dilute the dish soap in water and then use it to clean really dirty windows, you can then use the window cleaner to put some shine on the windows. If you clean your windows using a squeegee then you don’t even require using the window cleaner.    


If you are still searching for more hacks then you should immediately get in touch with your local House Cleaning Woodbridge experts who will help you out with more ideas in which you can use dish soaps for other purposes. Book your appointment with House Cleaning Woodbridge now.