Cleaning Kitchen Appliances: Best Start-Up tips for Your Home

Cleaning, regardless of the time of year, is a very frightening task. This is especially true when it comes to maintenance of household appliances. Most of the time we don't even know it was possible. While the activity may seem daunting House Cleaning Woodbridge has analyzed which appliances you should always clean and how to do it.

1. Washing Machine 

When house cleaning the washing machine looks like one of those appliances you never have to worry about cleaning, Mistaken. During house cleaning, while washing the washing machine may seem a little silly, studies have shown that bacteria on clothing can build up in the machine over time.

To clean: Make sure you don't wash your clothes with bacteria from previous cycles by running an empty cycle with only warm water, white vinegar and baking soda about once a month to kill the bacteria. 

2. Dish washer 

During house cleaning, your dishwasher is another one of those appliances that seem maintenance-free as it can do an excellent job in cleaning dishes, but bacteria and food debris can host and create unpleasant and unwanted odors. When house cleaning, which can make the machines become less effective over time. .

To clean: After each use, check the drain under the lower grill to identify any food residues and clean it; Sprinkle the drain with white vinegar to make sure it stays cool between washes. In addition, clean the dishwasher about once a month by placing a dishwasher-safe cup on the upper basket filled with about two thirds of white vinegar and run it in a normal cycle with hot water to sterilize.

3. Microwave 

When house cleaning, the microwave oven is one of the most used kitchen appliances and often makes food splash all over the machine. During house cleaning,it is also a breeding ground for germs.

To clean: Clean the handle and the outside with an antibacterial cloth to disinfect after each use to prevent the spread of germs. You can simply use a little soap and water to clean the inside, but this is a better trick: put a few slices of lemon in a microwave container filled with water and a microwave until the water boils for about 3 -5 minutes. This will create steam, allowing grease and dirt to come loose for easy cleaning.

4. Stove 

When house cleaning it is easy to ignore the spills and cooking splashes on the stove, as well as all the accumulation of pieces of food inside the oven, but this neglect over time can lead to the accumulation of unwanted bacteria.

To clean: The stove must be cleaned after each use with a multipurpose detergent and a microfibre cloth. The front of the stove and the control panel must be cleaned about once a week.

If you are looking for more tips to clean your appliances then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Woodbridge experts who are ready to provide you services in every situation. Please give House Cleaning Woodbridge a call today!