Six methods to save time and energy while doing the laundry

One of the most difficult and time taking tasks is doing laundry, it needs to be done properly and keeping certain things in mind, otherwise we will end up in a mess instead of cleaning the clothes. House Cleaning Woodbridge has some tips from the experts about the laundry. 

1. Check the washing symbols

When house cleaning, the first time you wash your new bedding or clothes you should see the symbols, this will prevent you from doing certain things to your fabric that may damage it. You should read the labels and the symbols well, this will let you know what temperature to use, what kind of detergent to use and whether or not it is even machine washable. 

2.Sort your colours

When house cleaning, during the laundry process the most important step is to sort out the colours. It is many times that a cloth is washed and it bleeds which leaves the colour on other fabric as well. During house cleaning, if you wash all the alike colour fabric then there is less chances of damaging a clothing as all the colours are the same and even if a fabric bleeds it won't leave it's colour on the other. 

3. Dirt alert

When house cleaning, during the laundry process if you know that your clothes don't bleed than you can sort them out according to dirt level as well, like a pile of dirty clothes and less dirty clothes. During house cleaning for dirtier clothes you will be able to put in more detergent where as if you don't sort it out this way then you won't be able to use more detergent when needed.

4. Hand-wash certain items

When house cleaning, there are certain clothes during doing laundry which are delicate or which has some embellishments on them, which you would wash in the machine would damage your clothing. As they need to be washed in warm water or cold water. Washing these kinds of fabrics you can soak them in water for a while then gently scrub and clean them and then rinse it with cold water. 

5. Use the right detergent

There are many types of detergents available in the market, so when washing the whites you should choose to use a detergent that has added bleach in it and for the coloured clothes you can choose a detergent without bleach. During house cleaning, just like that you should choose a mild detergent for delicates so that it doesn't damage the delicate clothing.

6. Turn some clothes inside out

There are many reasons for turning the garment inside out. One of the many reasons is that it protects the garment. Also if your garment has some embellishments on it they won't get damaged during the washing process, due to turning garments inside out.


If you are still searching for more laundry tips then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Woodbridge experts for more details and options. Moreover you can also book an appointment with House Cleaning Woodbridge experts.